How to make chocolate ice cream at home?-Find the best recipe here!

When we hear the words “chocolate ice cream,” it is mouth-watering, and we all get a sweet feeling. Most of us love to taste this chilled dessert. There are different types of choco ice cream in the market; choco ice cream with cookies, choco ice cream with choco chips, etc. Still, we prefer to have the traditional ones, the pure one made of chocolate. So, let us learn  how to make chocolate ice-cream  at home, and it will be the   so delicious chocolate ice cream   for sure.

Many of us think that it is tough to make choco ice-cream at home. However, it is not that difficult if you take the proper ingredients and follow the correct steps to prepare. And what about your winning feeling after making your favorite dessert on your own. There are several chocolate ice- cream recipes on the internet. But what should we follow? It will be your next question.

Do not worry; there is an easy chocolate ice cream recipe, as mentioned below.


Sugar – ¾ cup

Milk – 1 cup

Salt- ¼ teaspoon

Unsweetened cocoa powder – 2 tablespoons

Lightly beaten egg yolk- 3

Chopped semisweet chocolate – 2 ounces

Heavy cream- 2 cups

Vanilla extract- 1 teaspoon


  • First of all, take a saucepan and put sugar, milk, salt, and cocoa powder in a saucepan into it. Then, combine all the ingredients over medium heat. While you heat the ingredients, please stir them constantly. 
  • Now put your lightly beaten egg yolks into a small bowl. Gradually stir in about 1/2 cup of the hot liquid and, after that, return to the saucepan. 
  • Then you should heat the mixture until thickened, however, do not boil it. Once it is well thickened, you can remove it from the heat. 
  • Put the chopped chocolate into the mixture until the chocolate gets melted. 
  • Now you can pour the combination into a chilled bowl to keep it in the refrigerator for about two hours. Do not forget to take out the mixture from the fridge and stir occasionally.
  • After two hours you can have a cool chocolate mixture. Now add heavy cream, and vanilla into it and stir well to have a fine texture. 
  • Finally, you can pour the chocolate mixture into an ice cream maker. Let it freeze nicely and taste it as you need. 

You may wonder, hearing that there is another recipe to make ice cream without cooking. You only need a few ingredients; whole milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, granulated sugar, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. First, whisk the milk, cocoa powder, and sugar. Then beat the heavy cream in a large ball until it forms stiff peaks and folds the whipped cream with vanilla extract into the cocoa powder mixture. Keep the mixture for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator. Then stir and freeze about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Now you have a tasty chocolate ice cream made at home without cooking.

Now you know the  easy chocolate ice cream recipe  and how to make it.So, why do you delay further? Please try it and taste so  delicious chocolate ice cream  you have ever made.